Three seconds. That’s how long the average consumer looks at printed leaflets or flyers before making a snap judgement. Not long, is it? So the personality of your brand, the purpose of the leaflet, and the benefit to the customer needs to be ultra clear. Here’s how to make your leaflet design more compelling and get past that initial three-second window.
Minimise the amount of text
A printed leaflet is intended to trigger an action, so don’t swamp the reader with paragraphs of text. Instead:
– Use bullet points and lists
– Employ generous spacing
– Include the essential details only
While less is more in leaflet printing, do remember to include the essential details of your business, including phone numbers, addresses, prices, times, places and web addresses.
Highlight benefits, not features
Don’t describe your business or its products and services. Instead, answer the question:
“What’s in it for me?”
Your printed leaflet should answer this at a glance. For example, imagine your leaflet will advertise jobs for leaflet distributors. A description could be:
– Leaflet distributor wanted
Well, that’s accurate, but what about the benefits? You get to earn money, you get to be outdoors rather than cooped up in an office, and you burn calories with all that walking. How about:
– Keep fit and get paid!
This is more compelling. This is what’s in it for you.
Use appropriate colours
Studies consistently show that it’s important for your marketing colours to match the personality of your brand. Apple uses lots of white space to convey their love of simplicity and minimalism. The Sex Pistols used bright pink and yellow to convey that they don’t follow convention.
So, use colours to match your brand in your leaflet design – for example, are you reliable = blue, eco-friendly = green, rugged = brown, black, silver, sophisticated = purple or exciting = red? Note that there are some exceptions to this. If everyone else in your space is branding a certain way, you can show that you stand out by using very different colour schemes.
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