Do you work as an entertainer? You might be a musician, an actor, a street performer or even a parlour magician. Whatever type of entertainment you offer, you may not consider yourself a businessperson. After all, you do what you do because you love to amaze and delight people, not because you want to develop your brand. However, you still want to succeed in your chosen profession, and that’s why we at believe you should invest in business cards. You may not be a businessperson with a suit and briefcase, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from professional business cards. In fact, you may find them even more useful than most business owners do. Here’s why:
1. Business cards convey more than just details
As an entertainer, your personality is your biggest selling point. People and businesses are more likely to hire you if they find you likeable and charismatic. Sadly, most forms of advertising can show off your brand identity but not your actual personality. Business cards are different because they can be distributed in person. When you interact with someone in person, you are able to show off your charisma, personal qualities and entertainment skills. If you hand someone a business card at the right moment, such as after an act or as part of a magic trick, they’ll think about your personality and their experience when they next look at it. This will naturally make them more inclined to hire you.
2. Business cards allow you to make your own marketing opportunities
One of the main advantages of business card printing is that they allow you to network anywhere and at any time. The website ‘Work it Daily’ sums this up beautifully: “by having a few business cards on hand, you could grab any networking opportunity with both hands”. As an entertainer, your career path may be less rigidly structured than that of a typical businessperson or freelance professional. Therefore, it’s important for you to be able to take advantage of informal marketing and networking opportunities. Business cards a great way to do this.
3. Business cards are affordable
If you work in entertainment, you probably don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on marketing. You need to spend your funds on props for your shows and gigs, on presenting yourself professionally and on developing your act. Obviously, you need to market yourself, but you can’t afford to expend most of your liquid capital on advertising. Business cards are a great way to market yourself without breaking the bank. Even ultra-high-quality business cards are inexpensive to print and can be distributed for free.
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If you’re an entertainer and need to market yourself effectively and cheaply, check out our range from business card design to business card printing. We offer impeccable but cost-effective printing, so invest today.