Many would have you believe that print marketing is a dying art, but they couldn’t be more wrong. We know that many businesses are turning to social media or other digital methods to advertise their services, but you don’t have to follow them. Think about it – if other companies are foregoing print advertising, it leaves you with a huge opportunity to reach out to your customer base and really grab their attention through print. Here are some top tips to help you improve your print marketing strategy.
Identify your audience
A huge benefit of a printed marketing campaign is that you can really target it to your specific audience. Think about who that audience will be and plan your campaign accordingly. For example, if you are a small business offering a maintenance service to a local area, a leaflet campaign delivered through letterboxes might be your ideal marketing strategy.
Grab attention
Remember that you really need to grab the attention of your audience. No matter what material you give to them, they are only likely to give it a cursory glance unless you have something that really draws them in. Work on a headline that will peak their interest to encourage them to read on and make sure you have all your important information delivered in an easy to read format. Its worth remembering the different styles and finishes your printed materials can take. High quality flyer printing and leaflet printing can be a great way to grab attention but think about using a gloss or matt laminated finish for that extra touch .Think about your use of colour too. Not only can its use grab attention but it can also give customers important messages about your business.
Call to action
Once you have grabbed the attention of your potential customer and piqued their interest in your business, you need to give them a place to go to in order for them to find out more about you. Make sure you include a phone number, a website or an email address so that they can take the next steps in acquiring your services. Ask them explicitly to contact you for more information so that they feel comfortable reaching out to you.
For more on Print Marketing read the fantastic article by Laura Forer “Print Marketing: A Strategy for Better Marketing Impact”
An effective print marketing strategy could be exactly the thing that your business needs in order to generate more sales. Contact us at to find out more about the exciting range of print materials we offer.