There’s a perception that today’s world is online and nowhere else. Yet, it’s palpably untrue. For instance, millions of people still buy newspapers, magazines, and books. Taking such actions across the promotional world, many people still want to have things ‘at hand’.

<h2>Some examples of valuable printed promotional materials</h2>

<h3>Business cards</h3>

Business cards are still the simplest way to introduce yourself at a conference, or when meeting a new client for the first time. Otherwise, simply telling people your business details and expecting them to remember is about as much use, to coin an old phrase, as a chocolate teapot! Business card printing is an inexpensive way of promoting yourself and your business.

<h3>Promotional flyers</h3>

These are still so welcome to so many. You’ll find them clamped behind a magnet on fridges at home; pinned on a noticeboard in offices. They allow people instant access to the information needed when a buying decision is about to be made.

<h3>Information booklets</h3>

When buying decisions or service provider choices are to be made, it’s often the case that information is shared within a group. Rather than all scrunching around a screen trying to see what they need to know, it’s so much easier to pore over a booklet or brochure. Specific points can be quickly found and passed on – people are able to make ‘hands-on’ decisions!

<h3>Invitations to events</h3>

Who doesn’t like to receive such a document; it adds weight to the occasion and makes their presence seem valued. An email, however effusive, simply doesn’t have the same impact. 

<h3>Presentation folders</h3>

After a business meeting, many executives expect to be presented with a stylish folder highlighting the proposals made to them. At meetings or conferences, delegates still like to be able to take something physical away with them.

<h2>The point of print</h2>

Artist and composer Christian Marclay said that: ‘Unlike sitting at a computer screen, printing is very direct and hands-on’. These two qualities emphasise the importance of printed promotional materials. Of course, many will direct readers towards online sources, but otherwise, how many might never even get there?

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