The digital world has opened numerous possibilities for businesses, especially in the advertising world. Online based and even other premise-based enterprises are taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people spend their time online to push their product sales and brand images. Email is just one of the ways this marketing is achieved.

This article will provide you with four strategies that, if you follow will guarantee your first 100 email subscribers in no time and the list will just keep growing:

1. Have something to give away

Everyone likes to get something for nothing. By having something to give away in exchange for the email addresses of your visitors, it will be like you have given them something for free. To do this, you could place a widget on your sire that offers the give-away. For instance, you could offer them online printing design templates such as the ones offered by Just before it is provided, the client should be asked to provide their email address. This method will be effective in helping you collect email addresses.

2. Use a sticky widget

When you offer a giveaway or any news information on a widget on the side of your screen, clients are able to view this when browsing your pages hence driving more clicks. The problem comes when your articles are long (like 1000 words) and through most of the post, your widget stays on top, hidden from view. To solve this, you could use a sticky widget that stays fixed as the client browses your site. This will ensure your content is visible all the way through the visitor journey.

3. Use a welcome gate

As a visitor accesses your website, a welcome gate will come on-screen inviting them to explore the contents of your site or better yet, giving them reasons to subscribe to your email notification. This welcome gate could be placed on every main-page but not too often to avoid annoying the visitor.

4. Bonuses that are post-specific

Alongside the posts on your website, you could offer bonuses that are related to the material discussed. For instance, a post on how to make the best resume designs could be accompanied by bonuses such as free online design templates which you should offer to send them via email. This will encourage your visitors to leave their email address and keep your client list growing.

The most successful social media marketers, such as Pat Flynn and Jon Acuff, have identified that not beginning to make an email list of their clients earlier is one of their biggest mistakes. Email marketing is very effective and it will not only drive clicks to your content but also drive up the sale of whichever product you target. 

Print marketing is another efficient way that will help you boost your client base to drive sales. For the best and most recent insights on print marketing and other printing design solutions, get in touch,