The power of branded stationary is often overlooked, understandably you might think your business doesn’t use a lot of paper-based products, but the reality is all businesses will. From business cards to letterhead paper and branded envelopes, the chances are if you aren’t using these, we strongly advise you start to. Not only does it inject professionalism into your brand image it can also be an incredibly effective marketing tool and create strong brand identity. Its long been told ‘you only make a first impression once’
Establishing professionalism, trust and confidence along with advocacy are a vital part of attracting and maintaining clients. In order to further establish these ideals printed stationary such as letterhead paper, company literature, folders, brochures and business cards can achieve this. Instead of seeing stationary as office expense it should be included in your marketing budget.
Communication tool
Every piece of paper you use to communicate with your customers and your associates should be branded and follow the same theme throughout. Co-ordinated office stationary is an easy way to ensure consistency across all your communication channels especially your correspondence products. Whether you are part of a large multi-national business or a small home-based company your business image is a key part of your ability to connect with your clients and potential new customers. Communication on your branded stationary is often the first impression you make on a new business contact or client. Whether you are sending an introduction brochure and letter or handing a business card out at networking event, the paper on which your message is printed can give a very powerful message about your business.
High Quality Print
The key to getting a high quality printed product is using a print company whose expertise can advise you on every aspect from design to paper type and finish. We can advise you on the paper stock appropriate for the type of stationary you want, finishes, colours, size and shape to design. Detail is vital as it will separate you from your competitors who overlook the element of detail in their branded business stationary. Giving your business the aesthetic edge over your competitors can not only boost sales drastically but increase customer loyalty and expand a new client base. No customer or client wants to deal with any business who overlook detail.
Its role in Marketing
Seeing your logo on printed products, letterheads, folders, brochures, calendars, notepads is a far more effective way of getting your brand noticed and associated with your business. For one of the most obvious reasons branded stationary acts as a continuous marketing tool. Every customer who receives communication from your business will always be reminded of you. Branded stationary is a promotional tool in all spheres, whether you have branded shipping labels to flyers in a direct mail campaign you have the opportunity to promote your business almost anywhere.
On a slightly larger scale but nevertheless incredibly important, signage is an important tool any company can use to create space for their brand and get their company name out on the market. Most businesses discount the quality of signage printing. Remember if your customer cannot recognise your company name, branding or logo outside your premises or on a billboard they may easily go to one of your competitors for the products or services they want. Clearly printed and well-designed signage can help your company establish a good position on the market and excel you above your competitors.
What you need: The Essentials
Business Cards: It might seem obvious but never underestimate the power of a business card. Remember this could be the first representation of your brand in some instances
Compliment slips: Include compliment slips with any products or services you are selling. This will reinforce your brand ethos and of course, promote loyalty and return business. Loyalty is key to long term business success and compliment slips can help do that.
Letterheads & Envelopes: Much of your business might be done via email or online but for most businesses sending communication on paper is still a primary form of communication. Letterhead printing and branded envelope printing are a cost-effective way of creating the feeling of professionalism and trust for your business
Notepads: Branded notepads can be used in and outside of the office. Notepads are great for keeping around the office but also for gifting out to clients or freebies at promotional events. Keeping your brand front of mind is vital for repeat business and loyalty.
Labels: With a variety of sizes and uses branded labels can be used in most environments. Labels are incredibly versatile and can be used to organise documents or on the sides of boxes to containers being shipped globally. No matter what your business is, labels can create professionalism and show organisation and attention to detail.
Presentation Folders: Prospective customers or for office use, presentation folders can add great value to a variety of businesses. Branded and customisable folders are a great cost-effective marketing tool. They can help organise other promotional or branded materials that are required during conferences, corporate events or even sending out an introductory pack to a new customer.
Branded and professionally printed business stationery is a must for any business from a startup to a public company,
Set the tone of your business and enhance your brand awareness at every opportunity.

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