In a world where advertising seems to be increasingly angled towards the web and social media, it is important to bear in mind the advantages that print continues to have. As a result, print is making a rebound from its expected demise. Physical advantages of print as well as trends such as demographic and environmental are pushing back against the tide of digital. Marketers should be aware of these trends and aim to get out in front of them to harness potential opportunities to introduce print into their marketing campaigns to gain brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
Over the last decade, we have seen an incredible rise in digital and the amount of content being produced within the digital sphere. As a result, consumers are trying to keep up with all this new information as marketers use a variety of digital mediums to bombard their intended targets through content strategy, targeted emails, re-marketing, adwords, social media etc…
We are constantly on our devices now from mobiles phones to ipads, digesting all this content and data, but due to the sheer amount of time we spend online we have become desensitized to these mediums of marketing, creating opportunities for the flexible, aware marketer who can seize the chance to integrate print into their campaigns and stand out from their companions battling amongst the digital world.
Traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail and brochure printing are proven to be more impactful to the reader in comparison to digital forms of advertising. Below we have noted down a few reasons why and how print can stand out in a digital world.
The Power Of Print

Contrary to what many would have you believe, printed material has remarkable longevity, and not just in the physical sense. Online advertisements, if they are seen by your targeted market, generally target people who may be at work, who are frustrated at staring at a screen and certainly in no mood to absorb the ads. In contrast to this, printed material can reach people who are on the street, at home or commuting, and may be in a prime position for a positive response to an advert; they will absorb a slogan and the graphic design more readily therefore increasing your brand awareness and marketing effectiveness. In a world dominated by digital products and businesses, print can help you to stand out.
Unseen Ads

Ad blocking software is a hurdle that is becoming increasingly difficult to circumvent, and a very large proportion of computer users will be unaffected by any ad you might put online, even if they would be interested in it. We can see an upwards trend in the use of ad blocking correlating with the rise of targeted remarketing, people don’t like to be monitored or bombarded with hundreds of adverts because they visit one holiday website., which highlights the reducing impact of digital advertising as become frustrated and desensitized to it. Whilst many continue to emphasise the importance of native advertising online, few seem to mention the fact that many adverts are blocked, and your money and efforts will be wasted.
High Quality Printing

Print media advertising is an easy medium to spread brand awareness or to advertise to any particular geographical area. For example, local newspapers are the best way to spread news about an event that is happening locally, it is targeted and evokes conversation within the area as people discuss what’s happening in the community. The majority of long standing forms of the print media have a huge, loyal customer base with regular and trusted followers. This is definitely a great boost to attract readership as you associated your brand with theirs and build upon the trust levels of your business with potential customers. Print media i.e. booklet printing, magazines and newspapers allows you to choose your own location and space for advertisement, with varying price brackets. This allows you to manage your budget and expenses while planning for the advertisement and the print media company will generally come back to you with very in-depth levels of data for you to analyse and draw your own conclusions from on the effectiveness of your print marketing campaign.
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