Leaflets and brochures can be highly effective as part of a direct mail marketing campaign. These formats are very information-rich and can look very attractive, which means that they are very effective for informing recipients about your business and products.
However, no matter how great your printed leaflets and brochures are, it’s still important to ensure that they are noticed and remembered. In our last blog entry, we discussed how you could maximise the impact of your business cards. In today’s entry, we’ll look at the simple tactics that you can deploy to increase the efficacy of your leaflets and brochure printing.
1. Deliver your marketing material in printed envelopes
Your printed leaflets and brochures may be incredibly eye-catching, but your potential customers may never see them if they arrive in unadorned unprinted envelopes. After all, if a consumer sees a plain envelope from an unknown sender, they are likely to assume it’s junk mail and simply throw it away. Sending out your leaflets and brochures in colourful printed envelopes makes it more likely that they will be opened. Printed envelopes have the power to show off your professionalism, convey important information about their contents and grab customers’ interest, what’s also a bonus is that they are targeted which is likely to increase your customer conversion rate.
2. Choose your recipients carefully
Don’t just send out your leaflets or brochures to everyone in a given area; use a carefully compiled mailing list instead. If you send them out to everyone in an area, only a few of your recipients will be interested. So before you send out a single leaflet or brochure, you should obtain or create a mailing list consisting of people who belong to your business’s target demographic and who are geographically close enough to your business to take advantage of it. This will ensure that you get the maximum number of responses to your leaflet printing.
3. Time your distribution wisely
According to Jamie Kings article: Leaflet Marketing Distribution Tips, “timing the distribution of your leaflets in phases … is always worth considering”. Sending out your printed leaflets and brochures to coincide with events that your business is partaking in or special offers that it’s deploying is a great way to maximise the impact of your marketing materials. Sending out new leaflets and printed brochures in phases leading up to these events or offers can also remind consumers of your business at crucial moments and build excitement. Time your distribution wisely and you’re certain to be rewarded.
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Leaflets and brochures are highly effective print marketing tools – following our tips can make them even more effective. Speak to a member of our team today to see how our high quality printing and marketing expertise can help grow your business.