Flyers as a marketing tool have been around for as long as there has been a printing press – from adverts to menus, printed flyers are one of the most flexible and adaptable forms of communication that is available to you. Perhaps because of their popularity though, they can sometimes be less effective than you might hope. Here are a couple of tips for creating a winning flyer which will increase your brand awareness and conversion rates:
Keep it brief and targeted
When a subject is as dear to your heart as your own business it can be tempting to put everything into your flyer – after all, you do so much great stuff and you want people to know how you could help them! Enthusiasm is natural but doesn’t always make for easy reading. Choose a specific brief for your flyer printing and stick with it, even if it is a general introduction, you need to keep it focused. Tone is important; address customers as ‘you’, and give them a clear call to action – keep it personal and relevant to them and use language that is targeted at your market.
Keep it clear
Flyers actually have a fair amount of space on them, but that doesn’t mean you should fill it. Keep your information clear and easy to find. Make sure your contact details are there. Include your logo and company name, you don’t want to accidentally do your competitors a favour by customers getting you muddled. Ensure your flyer is in keeping with the look and feel of your website and any other promotional content you have; brand consistency is useful for attracting returning customers and raising brand awareness. Take a look at it and make sure it is clear and coherent, and make sure you proofread it – in fact, better still, get a couple of other people to proofread it for you.
If this all seems a bit much, there are some great flyer templates that are easy to personalise for your business. Here at Print UK, we have a wide range of effective, industry specific, attractive flyers available for you to get your business message across to potential customers.
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