Marketing is the cornerstone of your business, telling the world who you are and what you do. For it to be effective, you need a powerful and clear message communicated across a range of channels. Brand consistency is a significant factor you need to consider, from your printed materials to social media platforms. In 2018, 30% of marketers ranked ‘consistent use of systems’ as their top need from their sales teams. In this post, we’ll break down how brand consistency can help maximise your marketing strategies.

Maintain tone and personality

Having a similar ‘voice’ to your brand is the first step in creating a consistent image. If your brand is offering a professional service to high-end businesses, you’ll need a more serious, formal tone. Whereas, if you’re a fun, friendly business aimed at families, your brand personality can reflect that. Colour can have a significant impact on a brand’s perception as well as the text on your brochure printing and tweets.

Create branding guidelines

Many larger corporations work with branding guidelines, and they can be a great way to communicate your brand vision across your team. They can become a part of regular employee training and be a reference book for all marketing related queries. Consider including:

Mission statement

Colour palette


Editorial guide

Think about the customer

We know your brand needs to be consistent across all your marketing platforms. It also needs to be compatible with what you’re selling, and in communicating what your customer’s need. For example, if you’re selling gardening tools and you’ve gone for a neon colour scheme and cupcake as your logo, your conveying confusing messages.

Your customer’s needs are becoming more critical than ever, with 54% of people in 2020 having a higher exception of customer services than the previous year. Think about how a customer will approach your business, whether it’s through social media graphics or printed posters, and how they will reach the service you’re providing.

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