When it comes to gaining traction for your business, marketing is key. One of the best ways to let people know who you are is by using high quality print marketing materials. While you may immediately think of essential print marketing supplies such as flyers or brochures, it is also worth factoring in envelope printing too. But what is it and how can it help you gain more customers?

Envelope printing for business

In simple terms, envelope printing allows you to have your company logo or brand details pre-printed onto envelopes. Printed envelopes can be customised in a variety of other ways. From the colour of the envelope itself to the colours included on any brand information or return address details, they are very flexible. It is also possible to have this type of printing done on any size envelope you like. The envelopes can then be used to send out direct mail marketing to existing customers or potential new clients.

Why use envelope printing for your business?

This is not a print marketing solution that always gets the attention it deserves. There are however some great reasons to use it. Firstly, a printed envelope with a custom design stands out far more to consumers when their post arrives. It means your envelope is the one they spot first, even if they have a bunch of post to look through. Envelope printing also helps to spark consumer curiosity. They will be intrigued by the smart looking envelope you send and more likely to take the time to see what is inside.

But what else does this print marketing choice offer? Many companies find it gives their mailouts a more professional look which helps to build trust and credibility with consumers. They are also low cost and so give a better ROI on any direct mail marketing campaigns you run.

Order printed envelopes with PrintUK.com today

As the above shows, these types of envelopes are a wise addition to your business stationery supplies and direct mail campaigns. If you would like to take advantage of great value and high quality envelope printing, get in touch with PrintUK.com at hello@printuk.com or via the contact form on our website today.