Writing thank you cards can seem like an old fashioned gesture. Yet, in the modern world, they may in fact be more valuable than ever. Below are four ways that sending thank you cards to customers can increase business.

Makes customers feel appreciated

When you send a thank you card it reaches the customer on a personal level. Thanking them for their custom makes them feel appreciated. This feeling of appreciation creates a positive association with your business, meaning they are likely to think about you again next time they need something.

Offers an incentive to buy again

Not only could the simple gesture of a ‘thank you’ encourage customers to use you again, you can include an incentive within it. Perhaps include a discount off their next purchase, an exclusive offer or a voucher to spend. It’s a great way to drum up repeat business and when you consider the lifetime value of a loyal customer, sending a thank you card is well worth your time.

Reminds customers about your business

People will interact with a number of businesses day to day, and it’s not always easy to remember them. A thank you card will arrive at the customer’s home, and may even be pinned to the fridge or a notice board. This creates the perfect reminder, meaning your business or brand sticks in their mind, and becomes more likely to be their first choice going forward. Essentially, the thank you card acts as a marketing device, without pushing a hard sell. Greetings card printing is becoming increasingly popular in the business sector and is a must have element of your business stationery.

Builds trust in your brand

When customers feel positive about your brand it builds a relationship. The act of thanks shows you are professional and appreciative. With this in mind, you build trust between your business and your customers. Not only will this make people more likely to do business with you again, it could also encourage them to recommend you to family, friends and colleagues.

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