It’s easy to assume these days that digital marketing is the more reliable option for tracking customer engagement and ROI. However, when targeted properly, print materials can deliver incredible results. We take a look at the best practice to target customers effectively with print.

1) Identify your audience

This is absolutely key before you launch into deciding where your printed materials will go. Think carefully about who the audience is for your product and really dig deep into them, creating profiles for them. Consider where they might shop, what they might do at the weekends, what television shows they might watch and so on. This will really help you to get into who your audience are and why they would want to invest in your product or service. Once you have this, take a look at what your competitors are doing too.

2) Pick your events and locations carefully

There are lots of brilliant leaflet distribution and display companies out there, but do your research. Ask distribution services about the postcode areas they deliver to and for examples of other clients they have. If you choose to invest in leaflet display stand marketing for your print, again, research carefully and ask for a detailed breakdown of the locations they are in and if you can, take a look for yourself to see if a leaflet stand in a train station or hotel is genuinely in a good spot for customer footfall. Remember leaflet printing is a fantastic way of distributing information about your products or services to a large volume of people at any one stage.

When it comes to events, don’t just pay to leaflet an event purely because it attracts high attendance, those numbers will only add value to your business if the audience crossover is the right demographic; think quality not quantity. If leafleting an event, add a bespoke discount code to your leaflet to help track the engagement and ROI of the event.

3) Don’t forget the power of post

These days we all get so swamped with emails that we often swipe them out of our inbox without even opening them. Getting a piece of post is a much greater novelty these days and a bespoke, creatively designed direct mail is sure to grab your audiences’ attention. Research your postcodes and locations carefully to ensure your direct mail reaches the right audience and again, consider another bespoke promotional offer to help track the response to it.

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