New start-ups can often overlook the importance of high-quality printed stationery. After all, when you’re getting to grips with a dynamic new enterprise, it’s easy to lose track of subtler details. However, having stationery that bears your business’s name, colours and logo is a vital part of branding for a number of reasons. By printing stationery that’s specific to your start-up, you can give yourself a significant edge, and we’re here to explain why.
Stationery helps you network
According to Blake Houser of Wells and Drew, your stationery is the first thing many potential clients and colleagues will notice about you. If you’re sending out letters, the first things your recipients will see is the envelope and (shortly afterwards) the paper your letter is printed on. If you’re meeting a client or potential business partner face-to-face, you’ll hand them a business card. All these pieces of stationery stay with their recipients. As such, you should ensure that they promote your brand as effectively as possible: the more professional you can make your stationery, the more memorable your business will be to customers and colleagues alike. By using your stationery as a networking tool, you can gain a notable advantage over rival start-ups, because your business will appear both more professional and more striking.
Stationery can project your company’s image
Does your start-up aim to provide the highest quality of service or products, or does it strive to achieve the lowest possible prices for its customers? Is it a hyper-modern company, or does it possess a family-run, homespun charm? Whatever type of business you’re running, it’s important to project an image that tells people what to expect from you. Your business stationery can help achieve this. Different logos, slogans and colour-schemes can create different ideas about your business in the minds of potential customers. By incorporating the right logos, slogans and colour-schemes into your stationery, you can ensure that everyone knows precisely what type of business you are at a glance. Checkout one of our previous blog posts for a little help: Have you considered these three innovative uses for your folders?
This also makes your business more likely to stick in the minds of potential clients, giving you an edge over your competitors.
You can even use stationery as a marketing tool
In addition to being informative and memorable, good business stationery can also help actively promote your business. Every letter, envelope and business card that bears your corporate livery is effectively a tiny, unobtrusive advert for your business. These pieces of printed stationery don’t just promote brand recognition or make you look professional: they act as a constant reminder for clients and colleagues to get in touch with your business and take advantage of your services. Writer and blogger Nitesh Pundhir goes so far as to describe printed stationery as “crucial” to a business’s marketing (Business Stationery Design as an Effective Marketing Tool)
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