As you are undoubtedly aware, printed envelopes are immensely useful for business because they can be used in direct mail advertising campaigns to generate interest and encourage potential customers to read their contents. What you may not realise is that printed envelopes also have a wide variety of personal uses that can make them invaluable to ordinary individuals.
1. Sending invitations
Do you have a major event scheduled that you want to invite people to, such as a wedding or birthday party? If so, you’ll probably need to send out invitations. Of course, you may be wondering if you should forego paper-based invitations altogether and just send out an email. However, as the website ‘Apartment Therapy’ points out, “getting an elegant letterpress invitation in the mail is a world away from opening an inbox”. Beautiful, custom-printed invitations in creatively designed envelopes can really dazzle and impress your prospective guests and make them feel truly honoured to be invited. However, many people send out their gorgeous invitations in plain, off-the-shelf envelopes, which lessens their effect. Don’t make that mistake! You can have custom envelopes printed up to add an extra dash of panache to your invitations. We offer high quality envelope printing, so don’t settle for unadorned envelopes when you invite those closest to you to a special occasion; have your envelopes printed instead.
2. Advancing your career
If you’re currently trying to advance your career, you may have to write formal letters to potential employers and business contacts. However, ensuring that these letters are noticed and opened can be tricky, simply because high-level businesspeople receive an enormous amount of mail. There is a solution to this problem though. Businesses use printed envelopes to ensure their communications are noticed by customers – you can use them to make sure that your letters are noticed by recipients in the business world. Adding subtle, personal branding to the envelopes you send your letters in will make them more visible and give them a highly professional look. As a result, they are more likely to be opened by prospective employers and contacts.
3. Making a letter feel special
Do you want to send a particularly important, heartfelt letter to a loved one, family member or friend? If so, you might like to consider sending it in a personalised printed envelope. While this obviously won’t affect the contents of the letter, it will make it feel a little more special. It might be the finishing touch that your letter is missing. High quality envelope printing is essential to establish your own personal branding and makes you stand out amongst the crowd.

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