In every town in the UK there are local groups who meet up to discuss ways of making their local communities better. They might go by the name of Residents’ Associations, or Community Councils, or Friends of a particular park or building. These groups might have hugely different goals, but they all share a need to communicate with the public. If you have something to say, then there is no better way to get your message across than to put it on a piece of paper and push it through someone’s letterbox.
Couple great design with leaflet or flyer printing or a newsletter that stands out from all of the other mail that goes through people’s doors every day will ensure that people will pick their leaflets up and start to learn about what you’re trying to achieve. In the course of an hour a volunteer can leaflet up to 200 houses source: (How many leaflets can you deliver in an hour.) but more importantly read why:Why leaflet distribution is the best way of promoting your brand.
A few people can easily leaflet distribute a town in their spare time over the course of a week or so. If you are running a campaign then printed leaflets should be a core part of your effort to reach out to the community you hope to help.
In addition to informing residents about what you would like to achieve in the community, leaflets can be printed with questionnaires or surveys that allow them to feed back their ideas about what they’d like to see happen. You can also include sign up forms so they can volunteer to get involved with your group.
As well as putting leaflets through letterboxes, it can often be useful to run stalls in town centres and shopping areas. Again, printed materials are a vital part of engaging the public with your campaign, as you can simply hand over a leaflet to anyone who is too busy to stop and talk.
Whether you are trying to raise money to fix a building’s roof, have some public ground cleaned up, or start up a youth group, printing is likely to be helpful at some point. If you want public backing for your campaign then you have to engage the public first, and printing leaflets is still the best way to do this.