According to an article at Productivityist, “if you want to be productive, you must embrace the power of scheduling”. Nowadays, there’s a bewildering array of different computer programs and online widgets designed to help you schedule events and appointments. However, none of these digital products have ever surpassed the humble calendar. If you want to make sure everyone in your business premises can keep track of important events, rotas and meetings, we recommend investing in bespoke, custom-printed calendars. In today’s blog, we’ll explain why these are superior to their digital counterparts.

Constant Visibility

Digital calendars and scheduling widgets are only visible when the device they are stored on is switched on. What’s more, even if the device is on, many digital calendars and scheduling widgets need to be loaded specifically. As a result, it’s easy for you and your employees to overlook them and lose track of their contents. In contrast, physical, high quality printed calendars are always visible. They simply hang on the wall and can be seen at a glance. As a result, it’s easier for most people to keep track of meetings, appointments and other events that are written on physical calendars than those that are scheduled digitally.

Perfect Reliability

Digital scheduling software is only as reliable as the device or network that it’s stored on. Power failures can render scheduling software completely inaccessible. Meanwhile, computer viruses and technical faults can result in the information stored in scheduling software being wiped out. Physical calendars aren’t affected by power cuts and the only way to erase data from them is by applying Tipp-Ex. As a result, they are much more dependable than their computerised equivalents.

Aesthetic Superiority

Unlike digital calendars and scheduling widgets, physical calendars can be decorative. Putting up a beautifully-designed and quality printed calendar on your premises can make the environment more appealing to both employees and clients. You could even design a bespoke calendar that includes your business’s logo and corporate colours so that it can support internal branding. Check out our calendar design and calendar printing online today.

If you want to read more on productivity and scheduling visit the fantastic article by Paul Minors at Productivityist, The Importance of Scheduling.

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