Despite living in a predominantly digital era, traditional forms of marketing are still vital and can create incomparable impact when put against their digital counterparts. Direct mail marketing is one of these methods, proven over many industries to work, successfully, if planned and executed correctly. The impact that can be created when a piece of branded and printed marketing material lands straight into the home of your target audience can be huge, whether they are existing or potential new customers. As the competitive sphere only ever increases for small and start up businesses its imperative that effective forms of marketing are implemented at a relatively low cost yet generate high returns . Here are some tips we have developed on how to create a successful direct mail marketing campaign for your business.
Identify Your Market:
In order to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign you must ensure you have narrowed down your target audience. This can take time and some refinement but its essential to know who you are targeting, to avoid wastage and increase response rates. To increase the reach of your campaign you must try and target consumers who fit a similar profile to your current consumers. Remember that the new GDPR rules are implemented in May so you have to ensure that your target client list have all ‘opted in’ to receive your printed direct mail.
Create a strong first impression:
It goes without saying “First impressions count”! If you are a new business then direct mail printing is a great way to get you name out there and recognised. Whatever type of print format you decide to use ensure sufficient time is spent on the graphic design and high quality paper or materials are used, make it eye catching. Your brand name, logo and contact details must be clear with a strong call to action. Avoid trying to jam the page full of type but rather use graphics and short sentences to get your message across, this will not only grab the attention of the reader but also draw them to the minimal text which portrays your call to action.
Combine offline and online marketing:
Online marketing is, of course, still paramount however combining it with offline marketing (cross media marketing) can have a powerful effect on your business. When sending emails or running online ads use the same fonts, colours and wording as the direct mail piece this will keep the brand message uniformed and will enforce the branding across the multitude of media . Avoid discrepancies in your marketing material, this could lead to confusion for your customers and decrease your brand awareness and legibility. Ensuring cohesion across your marketing channels will allow people to make the connection between your printed marketing material and online brand presence. Further increasingly trust and loyalty of your business.
Promote a Limited Time Offer
Instead of simply sending a card with information about the products or services you offer why not include a special deal. People like a good deal and it is a great way to grab the attention of your customers and entice them to learn more about your business. Why not include a special offer for first-time customers? Couple this with a brochure highlighting your products and services with examples of work you’ve previously done and reviews from customers. This will generate new leads and your customer base can quickly expand.
A Useful Item?
Depending on your type of business and the products or services you offer there is an opportunity to make your marketing material indispensable to your customer. It may contain useful hints and tips which or a quick how to guide. People who receive these items will keep them because they are offering something helpful or useful. By keeping them your brand name is in their mind and they are reminded of you each time they refer to your marketing material. Being at the forefront against your competitors is vital to ensuring sales and a loyal customer base.
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