Some businesses are short-sighted enough to have adopted the view that online marketing is the only way forward. This is an error. Consider these reasons to stick with print:

1. High quality, low-cost printing is second to none

You want to be present in your target client’s mind. Using a professional company with the technology to place a high quality but low-cost product into your target clients’ hands has to be your best-case scenario. Artistic flair and colour will bring your business to life and flyer printing, poster printing, business card printing are far more accessible than reading marketing campaigns in an overflowing inbox.

2. Print will not be overlooked

We all have less time and more emails. We are all scrolling through and filtering what we absolutely need to stick on our task list and what we can avoid. There is no “return to this later” category. Leaflets, flyers, booklets, posters and business cards are still the best format to have sitting on your target audience’s desk or wall, encouraging them to return to your product and continue to invest. Brochure printing is a great way of achieving this.

3. The new normal – stay ahead of your competitors for Christmas

Flocking like sheep to an online presence, many of your competitors will become less visible over the next few months, dissolving into packed inboxes. Use this time to market yourself wisely. Christmas cards printing, calendars, notepads and even canvas prints are an excellent way to market your company to make yourself visible to your clients who have now set up an office space at home. Printed materials are also a great way to show your appreciation, highlighting how much you value their custom.

All businesses, including startups and SMEs, are pivoting to ensure profitability. Investing in print will be the advantage you need when 2021 rolls around. Consider your print campaign for Christmas now. In a year where things have felt completely out of control, it might be the best decision of 2020 for your business.