Looking to get your start-up noticed without breaking the bank? Every penny counts in 2020 and so we’re talking a bit about the cheapest and most effective ways to market your small business successfully!

Designing your logo

A perfectly design logo is your initial impression, your chance to convey to all your audience exactly what you do and why you do it best. When working on your logo design remember that simplicity is key, your logo needs to be understood by anyone. Pick colours that reflect your business and that you will be happy to design the rest of your marketing materials (such as brochure printing) with. It’s important to make sure the same colours are used throughout as this is what contributes to your brand image – think of all the businesses you recognise based purely off the colour scheme of their marketing!

Marketing materials – an intelligent investment

The next step is to invest in the right marketing materials. To save money, use insight into your start-up to decide which materials will work best for your business. For example, if your start-up offers services to an older demographic, flyers that can be easily accessed by your audience are a fantastic choice! An older demographic will almost always favour handheld reading materials about your company. A great starting point is to make sure you have a set of impressive business cards you can use to network whilst you’re out and about. You can design your business cards with ease using our design templates found here: https://printuk.com/business-cards.

Print is persuasive!

When using physical marketing assets such as leaflets and flyers, it’s vital to make sure that you have access to high-quality printing. Printing documents with blurry text or dull colours will imply that your company lacks professionalism and an eye for detail. Avoid this by ensuring that the marketing you choose to invest in is printed to a superb standard.

In this blog, we’ve briefly discussed ways you can market your start-up with a smaller budget – get in touch with PrintUK.com today for more information and to organise the high-quality printing of your new marketing goods!