Print marketing is essential. It’s how businesses can target potential customers when they aren’t lost in their phone or browsing the internet. But remember, people don’t go looking for advertising. To get noticed, you’ll need an eye-catching design. Not only that, but you need to make sure you can grab their attention from a distance. Here are 4 ways you can do this.

Large, bold fonts

It’s tempting to try and explain your whole business on a poster, giving an overview of your services and products. But people passing by are not likely to read long paragraphs, and the small compact font you’d need won’t grab anybody’s attention. Clear, bold headlines and important information are far more effective. Ensure you use a clear, readable font.

Clear images

It’s not just the words that need to jump out, but the images too. A picture can often say more than words, and pictures are more likely to pique interest. Ensure you use high-quality photographs or graphics. This is particularly important for grabbing attention from a distance, as a quality image stands out, without being blurry.

Colour schemes

Colour next. Bright, vibrant colours can make all the difference when getting your poster noticed. But be aware of colour clashes. Make sure your writing is still readable and that the image hasn’t gotten lost within the background of your poster. If you have brand colours, it is also worth using these, as it builds recognition and helps people remember your business.

High-quality print

All of the above is redundant if you do not source high-quality poster printing. The crisp finish will set yours apart from other posters of lower quality. It also displays a level of professionalism and will encourage people to trust your brand as being reputable.

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