Running a small business comes with many different tasks to take care of. One of the most important is finding ways to market your company effectively. This not only helps to tell people that you exist but also who you are, what you offer and why they should choose you. Marketing can be a tricky area, though, with many potential pitfalls to avoid. But what are the most common marketing mistakes SMEs make?

Not using print marketing

Digital marketing is a big deal in the modern business world and effective when used correctly. The problem many small businesses make, though, is forgetting about print marketing! Only focusing on digital ways of promoting your business severely limits how effective any campaign will be. It is key to use print marketing resources like flyers, brochure printing and posters in conjunction with online tools like social media. Print resources allow you to forge a more personal connection with consumers, are often more memorable to people and offer great value for money.

Not working out your target audience

A very common mistake you will see some smaller businesses make is trying to sell to every single person out there. The simple truth is that not everyone is a potential customer who will be interested in what you offer. If you are a lawn mowing business, for example, people without any lawns will not care about your services. Working out your target demographic is crucial so you can increase the return on any marketing spend and generate more leads.

Being too nervous to network

Networking is a key thing for small businesses to get involved with – whether at in-person events or online. It will not only help to build your presence within your sector, but also help to forge beneficial connections with other companies. For many small business owners though, this is something that makes them nervous and they avoid. Try to put your nerves to one side and embrace all the extra business and prestige successful networking can deliver.

High quality printing with

As we have already mentioned, print marketing is certainly something all smaller businesses should be using to make their mark. If you need top-quality leaflets, flyers, business cards and brochures, why not get in touch with today? With fast delivery times and great value print resources, we can help your business grow.