Marketing a business is crucial to increase awareness of the product or service you offer, to attract new customers and establish yourself in your market, to beat your competition. For SME’s, it can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to promote your company against all the other businesses out there, often on a much smaller budget. But establishing your place in the market, communicating your offering to your target audience and persuading them to buy with you is critical if you want to grow your business. Below we’ve listed out some of our top tips for marketing your SME.
Utilise On and Offline
Depending on what it is your business offers, there will be certain channels more appropriate for you to use. For example if you’re a B2C business, social media channels including Instagram and Facebook are great to connect with your customers, quickly and efficiently using their online chat tools and regular feed updates. If you’re a B2B business, other marketing channels such as offline events, direct print marketing i.e. brochure printing and networking events are great ways to raise the profile of your business with your target audience.
News Jacking
News jacking is one of the most effective ways SME business can raise the profile of their company, with content that ‘jacks’ into events in the news. To reach an audience, larger than your current network, you can ‘news jack’ into a current event by cleverly combining your message with a current debate in the news.
Be Creative
Don’t just use tried and tested methods, be creative and offer your customers something unique to you as a business, that they won’t have seen before. For example, if you’re a bakery, why not hand deliver 100 cakes to your nearest customers to raise the profile of your business!
If you want to run a print marketing campaign to attract your target audience, then contact today to see how we can help with our vast wealth of knowledge as a commercial printer. We’ve been helping our customers successfully reach and engage with their audience for many years, helping them attain their marketing objectives, and increasing the revenue they generate as a result.