Marketing your small business effectively has got to be something you pay close attention to if you’re going to experience the best possible growth. Fortunately, you don’t need a great deal of money or a dedicated marketing team to get your brand and your business out there, you need these top tips.
Social Media Matters
We live in a social media world now, where virtually everyone has an active profile on at least one social media platform. That’s a ripe market for you to tap, and the best thing about it is that it won’t cost you anything at all to get set up!
It’s important though if you’re going to make the most of your social media presence that you understand the best guidelines for efficient social media marketing. Many start-ups also forget that part of creating a great online presence via social media is ensuring your branding and logo transfers well across various profile image sizes, formats and against a range of backgrounds. That means ensuring you use a quality graphic designer to convey credibility if you don’t yet have the skills in-house.
Search Engine Optimisation
If you’ve done the proper research on how to build your business, the term search engine optimisation, or SEO, will be one you’ve almost certainly seen countless times by now. There’s a reason for that though; it’s because it’s a cornerstone of all business marketing plans.
SEO is effective because it means that your customers are drawn to you, so you don’t have to keep casting out the net every single day to try and appeal to new eyes. It requires some detailed understanding, however, but the rewards are more than worth the effort that’s required.
Embrace Physical Marketing
Something few start-ups appreciate is the benefit of offline marketing in a digital world. SEO and social media are important, but they’re so ubiquitous that you can often make more of an impact by investing in offline marketing methods such as flyers, business cards, street-level posters and direct mail. Printed brochures, flyers, leaflets whatever you decide can be as influential if not more so than online marketing endeavours alone.
Online adverts are easy to block and disable, but posters positioned in bus stops or brochures that are mailed directly to your chosen audience, for example, are far harder to ignore. You can also use these to more easily target your marketing at specific geographical locations.
These sorts of printed materials can be custom printed to your individual preferences and with your specific branding on them for surprisingly little money, which should make offline marketing a prime consideration for start-ups that want to establish a presence in their locale.
For more on marketing your startup, read this great article by James Javier for Live Plan: 10 Effective Offline Marketing Ideas for Startups in 2018.
Don’t wait, put these tips into practice today! For more help and advice on your printing and branding requirements, contact today.