Are you diversifying your content strategy? Then you’re probably investigating video streaming, voice search and bite size content. But if you want to be really radical, why not add print to your content marketing mix? Despite its outdated image, print continues to be highly effective in areas where you really want to impress your customers. Integrating high-quality printing in the form of leaflets, brochures or even postcards into your content marketing is the truly smart way to diversify.
Print Is Trustworthy
In a content landscape awash with fake news, print remains robust, resilient and trustworthy. Blog posts may be quick and easy but they can be sloppy, too – and an accusation of fake news can harm your brand image in just a few clicks.
On the other hand, customers trust print. They understand that high-quality brochure printing takes time and commitment. The fake news trolls are unlikely to go to the time and trouble to put great graphic design together with a well considered message. And when you place that message in a tactile form directly into your customers hands, it sticks around for far longer to keep creating those positive impressions.
Print Makes a Connection
When you invest in printed leaflets or flyers, did you know you’re investing in a cognitive process that leads to better comprehension and retention of information? Print media gives your customers spatio-temporal markers when they pick up and read your brochures. That means the physical act of touching paper combines with the act of reading to deliver 21% less cognitive effort for 70% greater recall compared to digital marketing.
And as if that wasn’t persuasive enough, the physical presence of print stands out in the fast changing digital landscape. As news feeds constantly refresh and the eye is bombarded with images and information, a high-quality print leaflet or flyer stands apart and can’t be ad blocked.
For more on the relevance of print in your content marketing strategy, read the fantastic article by Anna Johansson, Is print the missing piece to your 2018 content marketing strategy?
Diversify with print
Diversifying your content marketing strategy should be about so much more than simply using the digital tools you haven’t tried yet. Add high quality printed materials to your content marketing and enjoy the strategic benefits of a totally new medium that customers trust.