We’re constantly being told that we live in a digital world, so is there still a place for print? If you run a business of any size, you almost certainly have a website and advertise online to help increase traffic and generate sales. Online advertising can be great but it does have its weaknesses.
The Downside of Digital
How many people actually pay attention to adverts online? Surprisingly, very few people will engage with your company or brand’s online advertising. This is because it’s rarely properly targeted and people have short attention spans. They’re far more likely to swipe away from your ad without absorbing the message, moving onto the next thing without much thought.
Print is harder to ignore. High quality leaflet printing and high quality brochure printing are still one of the quickest and most reliable ways of reaching an audience who will pay attention. Nobody can ignore the leaflet through the door, and even if they’re heading straight for the recycling bin, it gives the homeowner a chance to familiarise themselves with your name, logo and an overview of the goods or services you provide.
Once they have laid eyes on your leaflet, the take-home messages will have lodged in their brain. They may not need your company right now, but they will be more likely to remember it when the time comes. Few of us spend so much time looking at online advertising – our eyes tend to slide over the banner, so your ad becomes lost in the mass of online content.
Why Choose Print?
Commercial printing is coming down in cost and allows you to target your ideal customer base. If your small business is to get the publicity it needs and draw in plenty of local custom, then there are few methods as effective as leaflet printing and the range on offer is amazing, as you can see for yourself.
The death of print has been wildly exaggerated in the so-called digital age. The printed word is still greatly valued and makes a lasting impression, so instead of pouring money into online ads, invest in some high quality brochure printing and you’ll soon see the impact. Get in touch today to find out how PrintUK.com can help you launch your leafleting campaign!