It is no secret that we are part of a digital matrix which is impossible to avoid and should not be ignoring, yet most businesses are failing or not using to its potential the power of print. There are many misconceptions behind print and its validity in the 21st Century, however it is still vital and effective when capturing your audience’s attention and generating positive notions around your brand and business.
Printing is unarguably fundamental to business. Whether its print marketing or branded stationery you should not avoid print but harness its power, especially as an advertising tool.
Understanding the different elements of print and how each element can work best for your business could massively increase your brand awareness which in turn will help grow your business.
Firstly, let’s examine some of the reasons why printing works:
1. Marketing/ Advertising: Printing is one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to market the products and services you are offering
2. Design: Printed marketing materials can be designed fully around your requirements, containing your company’s logo and branding along with the information you want to provide.
3. Capturing Audiences: whether it’s a brochure or a printed poster on a billboard you can engage with far greater numbers of the population
4. Easy to Distribute: Printed marketing materials are incredibly cost effective and easy to distribute to a large volume of people are a low cost
5. Tangibility: Everyone enjoys well produced printed materials and they instantly create a positive impression about a company
One of the main reasons why print is vital for businesses, is the credibility generated from it. Reliability and credibility are both words which any business should strive to have people associate it with. You may not initially think it but print has a great power of generating this. From a high-quality printed brochure to branded letterheads and envelopes, is easier than you may first have thought.
Let’s now examine some print:
Branded Office Stationery: From high quality letterheads to printed envelopes featuring your logo, printed stationery can make a huge difference to how your clients and employees see your business. Investing in branded items such as these will immediately create the sense of legitimacy and trust around your brand. Printing branded office stationery can be very cost effective especially when ordering a lot of different elements together from compliment slips, envelopes, folders, brochures and notepads etc. High quality printed folders are a great way to keep your documents together, but it also allows employees and prospects to use the folder repeatedly, therefore acting as an advertising tool as well. Printed folders look professional and are also very handy for both employees and customers.
Business Cards: The traditional business card is definitely one of the most important printed elements every business should have for their employees. One of the best investments for a start-up or any business for that matter is the humble business card. Not only are they essential for networking but they can also be attached when sending out correspondence, direct mails and invoices. Not only does this look professional but also acts as a marketing tool. Now the receiver of your documents has your details to hand and will undoubtedly keep the card for future use.
Producing high quality printed brochures can be an effective way to give more details about the products and services you offer. Your brochure should be professional and leave your customers and potential new clients with a more detailed understanding about your business and make them feel like they can trust you and your services or products.
Another cost effective but essential printed marketing material are flyers and leaflets. They are a very important marketing tool as they allow you to include a lot of information about your company without being as overwhelming as a booklet. You are able to attract attention with engaging images and designs with limited space for text but still able to get your message across clearly and effectively. When designing your flyer make sure your logo and contact details are visible with clear calls to action to give them a reason to contact you!
Of course, these are only some of the vast printed materials you can acquire for your business but as you can see they all serve an important purpose and can project your business to the next level if used as part of your marketing mix. It is all about creating a balance and examining what works best for your business. The key to success of using printed marketing materials is integrating them alongside your online marketing endeavours, its ultimately a balance. For high quality, cost effective printed products visit