A logo is an essential part of any small business – any business of any size, actually. But there is an art to designing a logo which is going to help you become recognisable in the marketplace. Think of all the biggest brands in the world, from Apple, to Nike, to Coca-Cola; when you hear their name, you visualise their logo immediately.
These 3 key tips will help you achieve that same level of brand recognition.
Know Your Target Audience
If you don’t know who you intend to market your business to, your logo will suffer. Trying to appeal to too broad a stroke of people will mean your logo becomes generic, busy, and ultimately meaningless. Think about the groups of people you’re hoping to entice and design a logo to suit them.
For example, if your business is mainly aimed at males aged 18-35 then you’re going to want simple, masculine, angular branding that signifies strength and success. If your business is aimed at females aged 40-55, that same branding would turn your customers away in a hurry.
Think Outside The Box
It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that designing your logo along the same lines as an existing company’s logo will mean you automatically have a degree of familiarity among potential buyers. This is a mistake and is to be avoided at all costs!
You want your logo to be new, exciting, and most importantly unique. When a person sees your logo, you don’t want them thinking of five different businesses. Whether it be high quality printed envelopes, letter heads or large format printed marketing materials you want them to know instinctively that it’s you and only you. So keep your designs simple, but striking.
Scalability Matters
It’s easy to design your logo to look amazing in one environment, forgetting that if your business is successful then your logo is going to be seen in a variety of different sizes and locations. A truly great business logo looks just as good on a business card or a letterhead as a full window display or billboard.
Keeping it simple and easy to identify will pay off in the long run.
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