A leaflet is a great way of promoting your business. They are affordable, versatile and can be specifically tailored to suit all of your needs. As such, they continue to make up an extremely important part of an overall marketing campaign. However, leaflet design is key to their success. While the content and layout are very important, these aspects are often deeply considered; what is often forgotten about is the colour scheme.
The Psychology of Colour
The world of marketing and graphic design has recently become aware of the importance of the psychology of colour, and are striving to incorporate this research into their creations. Scientific studies have found that different colours produce different innate thoughts, feelings, and reactions in humans. Since these responses are ingrained in the human psyche, they can be used by designers to influence the way that their end users respond to a design, helping the company to achieve a specific outcome.
What We Understand
While there is still not a complete understanding about how the psychology of colour works, and there is not yet a definitive list of how people react to different colours, there is still a general understanding which all designers must investigate to allow them to produce better quality content. For example, everyone knows that bright and bold colours stand out, but the psychology of colour finds that this often subtly puts people off, as vibrant colours are usually associated with danger and toxicity. Therefore, while an uninformed designer might use a bright red to capture peoples’ attention, one who is versed in the psychology of colour will know that this is more likely to have the opposite response, and instead stick to a less vibrant hue.
How PrintUK.com Can Help
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