Maintaining your customers’ interest is one of the biggest long-term challenges of running a small business. Even if you secure a customer’s loyalty with effective advertising, good service and reasonable prices, they may still eventually drift away from your business. If too many consumers stop using your business, your overall customer base can dwindle, thereby putting your business in a vulnerable position. Luckily, printing and printed media can be used to reignite customers’ interest in your business. Here at, we believe that regularly deploying printed advertising into your local and targeted area can help prevent your customer-base from shrinking. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how effective printed media can help you to retain existing customers and boost your sales.
1. Direct mail
Direct mail printing such as mailed leaflets and brochures is a great way of reaching out to existing customers and ensuring that they don’t lose interest in your company. Receiving mail from your business can make consumers feel valued, thereby reaffirming their loyalty to your company and increasing the likelihood that they will keep using it. The small business website Chron even suggests that you use direct mail to “address consumers by name”, as this is likely to make them feel even more valued and is an option now easily and cheaply delivered through digital printing. Direct mail can also tell consumers about new products or services, thereby giving them a specific reason to return to continue using your business. To increase the efficacy of your direct mail campaign, we suggest using eye-catching printed envelopes: these will encourage customers to open your mail.
2. Posters
Printed posters can be deployed in the area around your business to maintain brand recognition among local customers. By ensuring that your brand and its USPs are highly visible, you can prevent customers from simply forgetting about your business. Poster printing also help customers to feel that your brand is familiar, which engenders feelings of trust. This can make them more inclined to continue using your business.
3. Leaflets and brochures
As your business grows and improves, you’ll probably want to tell your customers about the new products and services that you offer and the ways in which your business is evolving to meet their needs. Direct mail is one way of doing this, but you may not have an address for each and every one of your customers. Luckily, brochure printing and distributing leaflets within your premises can convey the information just as effectively. When a customer pops in, make sure they leave with a leaflet or printed brochure that gives them a reason to come back!
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Here at, we offer a wide variety of printed products, including posters, leaflets and brochures. Check out our selection of products online today and start conserving your customer base. If you’re struggling and want some pointers get in touch and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.