Presentation folders may not seem like a business essential, however you’d be surprised at what they can do for your company’s image. These folders are versatile, offering great options to promote your business. Here are just four creative ways to use them:

1. Hand out at events

High quality presentation folders do just that…they present! They are an effective way to keep lots of information regarding your business together. Handing these out at trade shows, events or seminars allows you to give away a bundle of useful paperwork, from flyers and leaflets to business cards and brochures. Plus, your branded pack adds a touch of personality and professionalism, helping you stand out from the crowd.

2. Give as sales packs

When somebody makes a sale, you can give them their documents in a branded presentation folder. Include an invoice/receipt, information about the product or service sold, plus a brochure of other services you provide. Not only is it a helpful way to ensure your customer has everything they need, but it can also promote further sales and allows you to show off your products. 

3. Perfect welcome packs 

If you’re in an industry that regularly welcomes new customers, then welcome packs are the way to go. Present a prospective/new customer with a welcome card, a brochure of products, promotional literature and maybe even a gift. Small branded items such as a pen or a fridge magnet work as a friendly touch and a marketing product. These packs not only boost the chance of sales but show your business to be considerate and professional. Folder printing is a great way of capturing your audiences attention.

4. Display your portfolio

Portfolios are essential in getting jobs in certain industries. What better way to present it than in your own branded presentation folder? It allows you to show off your pride in your business, while keeping your portfolio items together in a neat and tidy way. It’ll help you stand out, and keep your portfolio the focus of attention.

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