When it comes to marketing there’s a lot of obvious and popular ways to advertise: social media, posters, flyers, emails… the list goes on and on! Marketing via direct mail has never gone out of style and remains a highly efficient and effective way of promoting your business. Whether you’re looking to market an offer or simply reach out to your customers with news or information, there’s one really simple method that often gets overlooked: branded and printed envelopes. Envelope printing can ensure that any post you send gets the engagement you require. Here are just three reasons why having branded envelopes for your company is important.
1. Branded envelopes encourage opens
If someone is not expecting post, boring looking mail is often disregarded, put to one side to be read later and then, potentially, forgotten about. Using branding, such as your logo, is a great way to draw attention. Use full colour to really enhance the graphic design and make it stand out against other mail. You’ll also encourage opens from customers who love your business and what you do, as they will see without even having to open it that the post is from you, and therefore they will be more eager to see what’s inside.
2. Branded and printed envelopes look professional
If you’re looking to impress with your post then a branded and printed envelope sets the tone of professionalism before the mail has even been opened. Using your branding efficiently, both inside and outside of your direct mail piece, will show customers that you are serious about what you do. This can really help to build trust in your business and boost your reputation.
3. Branded envelopes can convey a message
You don’t have to just put your logo on the envelope. You can also use some wording to entice opens. Simple phrases such as “an amazing offer for you” or “exciting news” will leave your customers curious to know more.
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