The impact fonts can have on print marketing is rather surprising. If used correctly, fonts have the ability to transfer your brand’s message in a positive light and inspire customers to take action. However, an incorrect use of fonts makes print marketing hard to understand and visually unimpressive.
So, when designing your next print marketing campaign, here are four top tips to follow:
1. Decide on a visual hierarchy
Good graphic designers understand the way in which customers read a piece of marketing material i.e. flyer design. Decide early on what the most important messages are, which pieces of information you want to strike the customer, and in what order. This then makes it easier to decide which blocks of text need different fonts, or different size fonts.
2. Always consider readability
Many amateur graphic designers fall into the common pitfall of choosing fonts just because they are big and outlandish. They don’t consider how hard they will make the text to read, especially if it is at a distance such as on printed posters / flyers. Bear this rule in mind when deciding on all fonts, be they small or large.
3. Serif or sans serif
Very simply put, serif fonts are more traditional fonts that have small feet on the end of lines. In contrast, sans serif contain no feet. This difference is basic, but makes a big difference to the final look of a font. Sans serif fonts are far more common in advertising print nowadays, as they look more modern and are perhaps easier to read at varying distances. However, serif fonts do have a desirable traditional feel that works well for certain brands.
4. Consider spacing
Beyond the fonts you decide on and the size they come in, you need to consider the spacing between lines of text and how it will look on your printed flyer. Be sure to leave plenty of room for enough spacing to ensure all materials are easily legible and look professional rather than cramped.
As well as the complete design of your final marketing material, you need to ensure you choose a trustworthy commercial printing firm with the tools in place to make high-quality finished print materials. Here at, we are experts in all manner of print marketing materials, such as flyer printing, leaflets, posters and brochures. Check out our range of popular products online today to help inspire you for your next marketing campaign.