You may have heard of these new things called ‘having an online presence’, ‘social media marketing mix’, and the like. Apparently, some businesses use them quite effectively.
We’re not being facetious here; just offering a gentle reminder that some folk think that anything new must immediately replace the tried and tested, abandoning ideas and methods that have worked for decades which must be consigned to, in that wonderful phrase, the scrapheap of history.
‘A place on the fridge’
It’s simply not true, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the continuing use of commercial printed marketing materials, as an addition to, or back up for, these newer methods. As one of our team remarked recently: ‘You can’t stick a laptop on your fridge’. Yet how many leaflets, flyers, brochures or business cards end up in such locations, ready to be accessed when needed? Other people keep these in a drawer in the kitchen or pinned to a noticeboard, to be referenced when an emergency occurs or specific service is required.
Offering a remote physical presence
In a business context, receiving a quality printed brochure or booklet, one that talks specifically to that company’s needs and offers the products or services they require, still gains a positive reaction. You are providing a remote physical presence for your business, in a way that one email, among so many received in any single day, might well still struggle to match.
Reaching a niche market
Another powerful use of printed materials is when your marketplace is either specialised or localised. Posters or roller banners for local events still attract passing attention in the catchment area for that event; online would require the vagaries of a search. If you are offering a key product line or series of services that are relevant to a niche market, then printed materials such as brochure printing will be more cost effective and influential at reaching the hands of those decision-makers and give you the chance of swift response.
A classy offering
Finally, there are business situations where printed materials are the classy way to go. Should you be organising a meeting or conference, or providing invitations to a business and social event, receiving a piece of high-quality printed communication such as a printed brochure makes that event appear more of an occasion than asking people to download a document and then print it on lower quality paper stock for themselves!
How can we help?
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