Direct mail marketing campaigns “build brand loyalty” and can “test consumer responses” to your products or services. Printed envelopes are a great tool for increasing the efficacy of your direct marketing campaign. They are very eye-catching, which means recipients are likely to notice them and open them. It’s easy for consumers to ignore or overlook letters, printed brochures and leaflets from businesses if they arrive in uninteresting or blank envelopes. Printing your envelopes with a striking design allows you to eliminate this problem.
But how can you ensure that your envelope printing has the greatest effect possible?
1. Be professional about your graphic design
It’s tempting to treat your printed envelopes’ design as an afterthought. After all, it’s the appearance of their contents that really matters, isn’t it? In reality, the design of your envelopes is just as important as the design of the leaflets, brochures or letters you intend to put in them. Making a good first impression is vital if you want recipients to take you seriously. Your branded envelopes are the first contact most of your recipients will have with your business, so they have to be impeccable. If you employed a professional graphic design agency to design your leaflets, brochures or other printed media, you should use one to create your envelope design. If you had your other printing designed in-house, ensure that your envelope printing are up to the same high standard as the rest of your output.
2. Be bold
Muted colour schemes and small, discreet logos may look very tasteful, but they won’t help your envelopes stand out. Don’t be afraid of bright, striking colours and brash, eye-catching logos. Visually arresting designs can still look professional, so tell your graphic design agency or in-house designer to employ them.
3. Ensure your envelopes arrive in good condition
Here at we know that clean, uncrumpled printed envelopes are more professional and aesthetically pleasing than battered-looking ones. That’s why we recommend that you have your envelopes (and their contents) delivered by a delivery service that you know will treat them with respect.
Looking for inspiration for your envelope design? Check out this great article by Hongkiat: 20 Creative Envelope Designs That Impress

When you’re ready to launch your direct mail campaign, remember to be professional, be bold and ensure your printed envelopes are striking. Also, don’t forget to check out our range of envelopes today at