Although the internet has enhanced business interactions, it hasn’t replaced the unique functionalities of a business card. Therefore, it’s important for every professional to have a well-designed business card.
Business cards can help you make a good first impression, promote your brand, and exchange contacts with other professionals. But first, you need to design and print business cards that will accurately represent your brand. Business card printing is also a great way to market your business.
This article offers tricks and tips you can use to make a stunning business card.
Consider Readability
Small text may look legible on your computer screen, but become illegible when printed on paper. Avoid using fonts smaller than 8pt.
Use Colour Wisely
Colours can help you enhance various features on your business card. However, you need to understand the psychology of colours in order to make the most out of your business card design.
For example, you can use brightly coloured cards to promote your business as an exciting brand. If you don’t have a particular colour scheme in mind, you can use your company colours.
Bleeds and Borders
Bleed refers to printed areas that are trimmed out to create the final product. It’s advisable to leave a 3mm bleed around the edge of your card design.
Don’t include borders on your business card design. A slight movement in a printing machine can make border lines look lopsided.
Paper thickness
Cards printed on paper thicker than 300gsm (grams per square metre) often look professional. Avoid printing your business cards on thin paper because they will look cheap.
QR codes
Instead of using too much text in your business cards, you can incorporate a QR code. This element will enable you to link your printed content to your website, so customers can access extra information.
Visual content
If used in proper balance, images can enhance your business card design. Add your logo on the front or back surface of your card. If you are unsure, why not use a business card design template? This way you can easily and effectively create a business card without having to employ a graphic designer.
Texture can make your cards look elegant and unique. Use embossing to add a raised, 3D effect on your business cards.
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