Using print marketing for your eCommerce business may seem incongruous at first, but there are some amazing benefits offered by print marketing that can’t be replicated in the digital world…
Print media engages the senses far better than digital equivalents. This makes your marketing far more memorable, as you are adding tactile sensations and even scents to the experience.
Print marketing enables you to test out your engagement without that digital crutch. When no clickable components and animations are there to capture your viewers’ attention, just how effective are your designs and message?
Print marketing i.e. brochure printing, leaflet printing etc… enables you to build credibility with a targeted audience in a very tangible way. Through consistently displaying your branding, including your logo, colours, and over all ‘look’, you are building awareness of your brand within your community.
Print marketing is great for making your business more personable. Print media is a reminder that you’re the face behind the curtain, particularly if you include photographs of yourself or your team, and a brief handwritten note. Also if implementing brochures and newsletter printing into your print marketing you can keep you current customers up to date with your latest products and services which will make them feel more valued as a consumer.
Spending so much time online takes you away from your local business sphere. Print marketing puts you back on the local map, and gets you building a powerful, local fan club. This will act as the strong foundation needed to drive your profits and grow your business, especially when you consider local shoppers tend to have higher spending habits than new customers and as a general rule of thumb people typically like to spend their money locally. Print marketing is the perfect way to take advantage of your local connections.
How print marketing can boost your eCommerce business
There are a lot more eCommerce businesses employing print marketing and media than you might think. If you have ordered from large online companies, you’ve undoubtedly received the ultimate mark of power where print media is concerned: a brochure / catalogue.
Printed brochures and catalogues command an impressive amount of online profit, due to the convenience they afford in terms of browsing, and the overall experience they provide. Shoppers can easily make note of any items they like, then pop online when they’re ready to order. The addition of handy apps to the process makes this even easier, with shoppers able to quickly enter item numbers from the brochure into their smartphones to order.
A printed brochure or catalogue can do wonders for your web traffic, but if you’re unsure it’s right for you, start with a small print run of a small brochure. Test the waters. See what works and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly. You don’t need to create doorstop catalogues to benefit from this form of marketing!
Circulars i.e. folded leaflet printing are another great way to grow your buyer and brand awareness. It’s simple to test out this method of marketing in your local area, with visually appealing postcards or a simple brochure.
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