Although most small business owners these days understandably prefer storing their contacts’ details in their smartphones rather than a physical address book or business card holder, it is undeniable that most first meetings with potential clients usually involve the exchange of business cards. If your meetings don’t, they probably should.
The action doesn’t need to be a reenactment of the scene from American Psycho where they compare minute details on their business cards, but rather see it as providing your future client with a tangible, high-quality piece of marketing material to take back to their office.
Efficient communication
Exchanging business cards that feature all of your startup’s contact details, including social media handles, physical address, and various telephone numbers can make all the difference when you’re meeting someone very briefly. Think conference situations, where multiple meetings might be scheduled and time is of the essence to make an impression.
A lasting impression
First impressions are everything, and you’ve nailed that first meeting, now let the high-quality printing of your business cards make a lasting impression. In addition to the contact information mentioned above, your business card is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s name, logo, colours and fonts, which are all important elements that influence a potential client’s perception of your small business. If you are the owner of a graphic design business, for example, you’ll want to give someone a reason to call you back and a striking business card design is a good way to influence that decision.
Act now is in the very fortunate position of being one of the country’s leading printing companies, so contact us today to handle all of your urgent business card needs, whether they’re required for a couple of new employees at a startup or just a brand new design for your personal business cards. We offer an online business card design service with thousands of design templates available which are tailored to different sectors. You can also choose the weight of the paper they’re printed on, or even make use of embossed text or plastic cards for an even higher quality finish.