When it comes to logo design, many business owners and designers still fail to recognise the importance of what is produced. This logo will hopefully be in place for a long time, and will be the forefront of your business and what it represents. It will appear in all manner of places and can be very costly and time-consuming to replace further down the line. Therefore, before launching the final logo design, be sure to avoid these three common graphic design mistakes.
1. Hiring a cheap designer
When starting any new project, it’s all too easy to look for ways to make savings. However, one thing you should not look to make savings on is who is designing the final version of your logo. If this is you, then no problem, but if you’re handing your idea over to a designer, then be sure to check their previous work and make sure they understand everything you want. This will likely mean paying slightly more, but this higher price tag will pay dividends in the long run – the design will appear on all of your promotional work, so it’s an investment.
2. Over complicating things
On a basic level, your logo is meant to portray your brand quickly and to make it stick in the mind of your customer. There doesn’t need to be an abundance of text or any explanation of what you do. Instead, make sure the colour scheme is appropriate and that your company name is visible. For example, take a look at the Virgin logo; it quickly gets across their name and their fun-loving, youthful culture.
3. Copying others
There is nothing worse than seeing a logo that is a clear rip-off of a competitor or other famous brand. Instead of showing creativity, it just screams poor quality. As well as this, it also means you’ve failed to discover what your brand truly represents –
you need to find that meaning for yourself and use your logo as a way to demonstrate this uniqueness.
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Just remember that designing your logo should be a fun experience and is the perfect chance for you to highlight your creativity and flair. Draw up a large number of drafts and show them around before settling on a final design. Afterwards, if you’re looking to effectively promote your business and do so in a cost-effective, yet high-quality manner, then view our large range of commercial printing options available from leaflet printing to folder printing. If you’ve invested the time and energy in your new logo design then it deserves high quality printing to show off your new brand’s logo. PrintUK.com