We are well and truly living in the digital age, where all business seems to be done through a mobile phone, tablet or a laptop.
Times have never been more impersonal, and yet the importance of building contacts remains as important as ever.
Nobody’s personality will shine through in an email or a tweet. Face-to-face meetings in the business world remain a crucial part of building contacts, and the exchange of business cards is a ritual that refuses to go out of fashion.
Always have your business cards at the ready
Picture the scene: You have just been introduced to somebody at a trade show and you strike up a good rapport. It becomes clear that you and this other person could do business down the line.
You take out your wallet and hand him your business card. All of a sudden, the atmosphere changes. The other person turns red in the face and mutters something about running out of business cards. His calm and suave demeanour has been replaced by a mumbling and unimpressive amateur.
Business cards remain a crucial aspect of networking. To be caught out without one not only reflects badly on you, but your entire company.
Ensuring that you always have a supply of high quality printed business cards in your wallet, ready to be produced, puts you on the front foot and emits an air of professionalism.
Capture the imagination with great design
If your business card design or slogan is eye-catching, it can also act as a conversation piece.
When networking, anything that can help to create a bond between you and a potential client/partner is a bonus. The act of exchanging business cards contains an underlying personal element and is much more memorable than calling out a phone number.
Even in the digital age, there are many aspects of the print industry that will never lose their importance. Business cards are one of them.
If you’re serious about portraying yourself in a professional light, enlist PrintUK.com for your design and business card printing, we’ll ensure that you receive a batch of high quality business cards that reflect you and your business.