Printed adverts can be used in conjunction with websites and online marketing in order to reach the maximum number of potential customers. However, if you’ve only advertised online before, translating your online brand to printed media may be a little tricky. After all, printed advertisements are intrinsically different to websites and online marketing tools. Here at, however, we’re experts at producing commercial print for marketing, that’ll expand online advertising campaigns into the real world. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-follow tips that will help you bring the brand identity you’ve cultivated online onto the printed page.
1. Be careful with colour
Your brand colours and the colours you use in your logo really help to shape your business’ identity. As a result, it’s important to carefully translate the colour scheme you use online into your printed adverts. Unfortunately, the way colours look on printed paper is very different to the way they look online. Computer screens emit a faint RGB light, meaning that colours appear brighter and more vibrant when seen in an online setting. When you start creating printed adverts, we suggest keeping the basic colour scheme the same but using colours that are a shade or two brighter than the ones you used online, in printing we typically use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). This will compensate for the lack of digital luminosity and ensure that your printed colour scheme looks just as vibrant as your online colour scheme. This will help to keep your brand’s visual identity consistent across different forms of media. It will also ensure that your printed adverts are highly attention-grabbing.
2. Consider your customers’ time
Printed adverts on items such as posters and flyer printing can be much more attention-grabbing than online adverts because they don’t have to compete as much for viewers’ attention. However, it’s important to remember that they will be viewed in a very different environment. According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine: ‘6 Essential Tips for Ads That Get Results‘, it’s essential that you “design for the ad environment”. People have all the time in the world to read online adverts and websites that catch their attention, because they encounter those adverts in the comfort of their own homes. However, they may only have a short period of time to read a poster or printed flyer that they see when they are out and about. Think about this when designing your printed adverts. Try to condense the brand message you used online into a more concise, easy-to-digest form for posters and other forms of printed advert that may only be viewed briefly. If necessary, you can always go in to more detail in printed adverts that are delivered to prospective customers as part of a direct mail campaign.
3. Think about placement
Online, most sites and search engine results pages are equal. You don’t have to think about where your online adverts are seen, provided they are seen at all. However, printed adverts can be placed in physical locales that have their own reputations. Take advantage of this. Try to place your posters and hand out your leaflets and flyers in areas that reflect the brand identity that you’ve already built up online.
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