Producing leaflets for your business is still effective, even in today’s digital world. However, it’s important to make sure that the leaflet is catchy and will have people immediately wanting to know more about – and to use – your company. In this article, we will show you how to create an attention-grabbing leaflet!

Use attention-grabbing imagery

Any imagery that you use in your leaflets should be bright and attention-grabbing. It should be highly relevant to your leaflet too – for example, if your leaflet is about a car wash, the main picture should be a standout image of a bright, sparkling car. When considering leaflet printing always use an eye catching design.

Make sure that the font is the right size

Obviously, there is a certain amount of information that you want to fit into your leaflet to encourage people to use your business. However, don’t use too small a font – this will only frustrate people and they won’t read it properly!

Focus it towards your target audience

Are your target audience teenagers, young professionals, busy parents, or retired people? You will use vastly different styles, layouts and content for each one, so make sure that you have an excellent idea of who they are before you set out to design your leaflet.

Mention your USPs

There’s got to be one reason why your business is better than all of your competitors. Maybe you use deluxe, organic products, and other places don’t. Or maybe you are able to offer your services at a lower rate than other brands. Whatever your USP is, make sure that it is clear in your leaflet.

Offer a discount with the leaflet

Add a coupon to the end of the leaflet which people can use for money off, or buy one get one free. Some kind of promotion will be very effective ( when encouraging new customers to try your service out, in the hope that they become repeat clients!

Make sure that the leaflet is professionally printed

Your leaflet may be expertly designed, but high-quality printing is what will really make it pop. We offer leaflet printing in a range of sizes – click here for more details.