Direct mail is a tried and tested marketing method and despite our dominated digital world it’s still a strong marketing tool for business. Where emails often get lost or ignored, it seems the majority of people still look through their each morning, increasing your chances of getting your business noticed. There are plenty of ways to ensure your direct mail campaign works, but there are also mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:
1. Forgetting your Branding
Branding is essential in all areas of marketing and direct mail is no exception. Your branding is what makes you identifiable to your customers and builds trust and recognition in your business. All direct mail should feature your company colours, fonts, images and logos as appropriate so that your mail stands out and catches your audiences attention.
2. No call to action
You can’t track the success of your direct mail piece if you don’t include a strong call to action. A compelling offer or new product, with clear directions as to how to get in touch, is the best way to see results. You’ll be able to work out if your direct mail piece has been effective, and encouraging your customers to make contact is the most important step to getting sales.
3. Too much text
Text is of course essential, but too much text can be boring and drop the concentration of of your reader in seconds. Be sure to incorporate a good balance of imagery as well as copy. Ensure all images are of a high quality, remember poor quality images can quickly damage your professional look. People are not likely to spend too much time reading, so make sure you are able to get your message across in as few words as possible.
4. Poor print quality
Sending poor quality mail doesn’t set a good impression for your business. High-quality printing is more affordable than you think and as a result you will see far better results. It pays to spend a little more on good quality paper and a quality finish, this will also increase the durability of your direct mail piece, whether its a flyer, leaflet or postcard.

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