With more and more businesses choosing to go paperless in today’s digital era, sending a physical letter through the post can make a real change for clients, potentially evoking a sense of nostalgia in older clients while also showing your younger clients that you are willing to go the extra mile. As such, a way for your SME to make an impact is by sending physical copies of information.
If you choose to go down this road then it is essential that you use the proper stationary – high-quality paper and envelope printing is a must, as is letterheaded paper. Our experts at PrintUK.com discuss why letterhead printing is essential for your SME:
1. Your Business Looks More Professional
Having high quality letterheaded paper will make your business look more official and much more professional. Not only does it allow your company to retain a strong brand oriented image, but it also allows your clients to be sure the letter is from you, ensuring that they know they need to act on it.
2. The Letter Itself Looks Better
By getting your paper printed with letterheads, you will improve the overall appearance of any correspondence you send out. The letter will look more aesthetically pleasing, which will also influence the client’s image of your company.
3. Letterheaded Paper Is A Marketing Tool
Upon opening your letter, the receiver will immediately know who it is from, due to the letterheading. Along with viewing the brand, they will also see the other details in the heading, including your address and contact details. This means that every time you use the letterheaded paper you are helping to increase your brand awareness, as well as further integrating your details into the receivers’ mind.
4. Visual representations stick in the memory
Along with retaining information via word and reading, people are also visual learners, with images and logos often sticking in the mind just as much as the written word. By having both types of information in your letter, it means the reader is likely to remember your information and brand more effectively due to your appeal to both of these types of information retention.
At PrintUK.com, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality low-cost letterhead printing, for all of your business needs. For more information, please contact us at hello@printuk.com