Today’s marketplace is increasingly more reliant on the internet, from social media to blogs to email. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional marketing operations, like leaflet printing and direct mail campaigns, are not worthwhile, we are starting to see many companies revert back to direct mail in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, like with all marketing and advertising operations, companies often make mistakes with their direct mail printing. So with that in mind, here’s three commonly made direct mail mistakes, and advice on how your business can avoid making them, starting with not using high quality printing!
1. Not using high quality printing
Direct mail lives or dies by the quality of its printing. However, many brands and businesses cut corners with their printing, and instead of using a high quality printing service, they opt for a sub-standard one, not realising the negative effect it could have on their campaign. You should always opt for a high quality service when getting your direct mail printed, so that you avoid coming across amateurishly to your customers. Direct mailer products such as folded leaflets rely on their first impression and people psychologically associate that first impression with the brand. So, if your target market group is high end luxury customers then your mailer will have to be of the highest quality printing to exude that same impression and align with you branding. i.e. Personalised foiled envelopes as shown in the picture below.
envelope printing, leaflet printing, envelope design
2. Ignoring analytics
Data and analytics are now used across all aspects of businesses, covering everything from sales to marketing. As a result, it pays to use analytics to determine who you are targeting with your direct mail, and what offers, promotions, or content would be best suited for them. Avoid making this mistake by making the most your data before planning a direct mail campaign, so you can ensure that it is as effective as possible. The analytics is easy to follow with direct mailers because you could provide a specific code for people to supply when they order or merely following the correlation between increased sales during and after the campaign. When collecting your data to not just record sales, record as many variables as possible as this will allow you to understand your market better and carry out more targeted campaigns in the future. Remember to use a call to action in your leaflet or brochure printing and design in order to illicit a response from targeted individual.
3. Forgetting to use branding
Branding is now integral to the success of any business. This means that every part of your business should be branded, including business cards, stationery, leaflets, flyers, websites, offices, blogs, social media pages, and your direct mailings. Lots of businesses forget that branding plays such an important role in direct mailings, as they are too focused on the content. Avoid making this mistake by creating a branding check sheet for your direct mailing campaigns i.e. colour palettes, that way you can make sure that get your branding right and consistent from the start.
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