In an increasingly complex market, marketing methods are becoming more involved. All small business, then, need to think about how to implement multi-channel marketing solutions to appeal to new customers.
Despite sounding complex, however, there are many ways you can do this. Here are a few to get you started.
Add follow Buttons to Print Marketing
You’ll likely have seen an increase in appeals to follow social media accounts on printed promotional materials – that’s because it works! It’s easy, too. Just get in contact with a professional printing service, such as They’ll be able to help you have your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account visible on every piece of marketing material that you send. From brochure printing to flyers posters and more, it’s an invaluable way of appealing to offline customers, who might not find you online without a nudge in the right direction.
Embrace Interactive Technology
Technology is now bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds. QR codes, barcodes, clickable paper – to name just a few. Integrating these into your print materials is a great way to encourage more direct engagement with the reader. With clickable paper, for example, they can just point their smartphone camera at a point on the page and instantly be taken to the corresponding website. As this technology improves, the gap between online and offline marketing will continue to blur.
Engage With New Followers
Consider further enticing new customers by creating special offers for new social media followers. For example, as you design online, consider adding a special code for recipients which activates with proof of following you. This is a great way to encourage customer engagement while developing and building your social media profile. Remember to also be as specific as possible. Don’t encourage recipients to just “Find out more…”, instead, tell them about “5% discount using promo code…”.
For more on social media and print marketing read the fantastic article by Christie Kimbell, 6 Simple Ways to Combine Print and Social Media Marketing.
As technology develops, more small businesses are going to have to find ways to implement multi-channel marketing solutions. Fortunately, with custom high-quality printing services like, it’s easier than ever to drive engagement both on and offline.
Your new customers are waiting – start engaging them today!