Wondering whether graphics play a role in your website ranking? Well, besides enhancing the aesthetics of your website, they play a major part in how Google and other search engines rank your website.
Just like you need impressive business cards, brochures and leaflets for your business, your visitors need an impressive looking website. The same graphics used online will be used when you are designing and printing posters and flyers for offline business marketing.
Here is how graphics help:
Reduce bounce rate
Bounce rate is the length of time a visitor stays on your website. A website with a high bounce rate means that visitors come to the website and leave almost immediately. This is normally caused by a lack of engaging content.
Publishing good content is good but adding graphics makes the content more engaging. The same goes for printed graphics; customers will be more interested in printed flyers or brochures that look attractive.
Graphics Sell
Most websites are selling something; a product, an eBook or services. Prospective customers will need to look at a product, or its picture, before they make a buying decision. To this end, graphics in form of pictures, infograghics, logos or videos, will help you sell more.
Besides online sales, colourful printed brochures, leaflets and flyers will enhance sales. Customers are more enticed by appealing product photos online and offline. For uniformity, the same advertising graphics should be used for the online and offline audience.
Enhance brand recognition
Your business website, brochures, leaflets and flyers among other business tools should have a recognisable style. Logos and other common graphics on your website and on printed flyers, brochures, business cards and leaflets tell a story about your business. Instead of using hundreds of words to explain your brand, a few graphics can be identified with your brand.
A recognisable brand is trustworthy. Trust will enhance interaction between your brand and your audience, a factor that will help in your SEO campaigns and in sales.
Graphics Are Cheap
It takes more time to create a 1000-word blog post than it takes to create a good infographic. Again, you can hire professionals at PrintUK.com to create appealing graphics at a competitive price. Contact us today and have your graphics ready within the day.