If you run a well-established small-scale, local business, you may think that you do not need to invest time and resources into creating printed branding and promotional material. After all, you may believe that all your customers are local to you, already know about your business and can easily find it without any help from printed media i.e. posters, flyers and even letterhead printing. In reality, however, your business could really benefit and grow from printed media.
In a recent blog, we discussed how printed media can benefit startups, but even well-established small businesses can start using printed materials. Printed media can be used to improve your position in the market, recruit new customers and reach out to prospective business partners. But which printed materials should you deploy if you own a small business? In today’s blog, we’ll answer this question and explain how each of our recommended print media options can help you.
1. Business card printing
If you’re not already using business cards, you should invest in them immediately. Your local business might be quite well-established, but it can still expand and become more profitable if you make the right contacts in the business world. Business cards are an indispensable networking tool that can make you appear highly professional and well-organised. Not only do they convey your contact details efficiently, they also impress the recipient and increase the likelihood that they will get back to you. Also business cards are a personal print media item because you hand them directly to the recipient.
2. Letterhead printing
When it is used within a business, a custom letterhead template helps to improve internal branding. This can make employees feel like they belong to effective, professional team, which can improve their efficiency. When custom letterheads are used on missives to customers and other businesses, they can make your business look highly polished and professional, thereby improving your reputation, generating interest in the business community and cultivating customer loyalty. According to the website and article by ‘Abilogic’ : The Advantages of Using Company Letterhead Instead Of Plain Paper, having a letterhead even “increases website traffic”. An article on their site explains that “if your… company’s letterhead has the URL of your website on it, the recipient will definitely like to check out the website”.
3. Poster printing
You may think that you’ve already recruited a large customer-base through word-of-mouth. However, poster printing can help you reach even more people. You can deploy posters throughout your town or city to bring more people to your business. Posters are one of the most affordable advertising options available and they can be placed wherever you choose in order to maximise their impact and increase brand awareness of your local business.
Here at PrintUK.com, we can help boost your business’s market position and improve your business growth, regardless of whether it’s a brand new startup or is already well-established. You can find all your high quality design and printing needs at PrintUK.com.