While we live an increasingly digital age, the humble flyer is still a priceless marketing tool. There’s a reason flyers have been in use for hundreds of years: they work!
Why should flyers be part of your marketing strategy? Here are five reasons:
1. Cost effective option
Rather than conducting an overhaul of your website, splashing out for advertising space, or placing expensive print media ads, a flyer campaign offers you a great return on your initial investment. High quality flyer printing doesn’t need to cost the earth but can create huge impact on the local market a business may be trying to target.
2. High Impact Advertising
It’s easy to get your flyers into the hands of potential customers. While your email may sit in their inbox unopened, people who get your flyer will definitely look at it and potentially take it home with them, where their friends and family will see it too.
Spend time thinking about the audience you want to connect with and where they spend their time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many gyms, shops, cafes, and other businesses are agreeable in helping you connect with your potential customers.
3. People Like Something Real
While people are inundated with online advertising, it’s actually quite rare to be given a high quality, well-thought-out, and well-designed flyer. Aim to make your business step above the cacophony of advertising online and provide something tangible to your audience – they’ll love it!
4. A personal touch
Instead of being part of the flood of faceless online advertising, handing a flyer to your potential customer instantly creates a more personal relationship with them. Make sure you smile and politely convince people to put a flyer in their bag or pocket. That way, they’ll definitely look at your flyer again when they get home or sit down at work. This is much more effective than having them glance at your email before deleting it.
5. Advertising People Actually Look At
Your potential customers will actually read your flyers, in a world of marketing where people are becoming increasingly ad blind. Check out this great article on the use of flyers for small businesses by Ian Kirk.
People have become increasingly skilled at ignoring advertising, so it’s very possible your well-designed advert has been overlooked by potential customers online. High quality printed flyers still grab the attention of people. Imagine walking into your local coffee shop and seeing a striking and colourful flyer at eye level while you wait for your beverage.
You’d probably pick it up and have a look, right?
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