Where technology changes daily and we are dominated by a technological world, why are business still using, in fact, ever increasing the use of printed brochures? Brochures believe it or not are a powerful marketing tool for a variety of reasons.
Ease of Distribution:
Brochures are versatile in their ability to catch the attention of a potential reader, when placed in the right location. You can display your brochures in the lobby of your office, send them out to prospectus customers and even mail them out to your current client base or as a direct mail marketing campaign.
How They Work:
As a valuable source of information, the brochure can educate its reader about the product, services and business you are and what you offer. A high-quality printed brochure can also bolster your company’s reputation and brand image. They are a great way of showing you are professional and trustworthy. Creating new leads is imperative for all businesses and brochures can facilitate this.
Using professional graphic designers, they can help you achieve a suitable format for your brochure which includes an eye catching, impressive front page. Choosing the right brochure size is essential as it will dictate how people respond. Ensuring you have a clutter free pages with a consistent layout will only help with the effectiveness of your brochure as an information source and marketing tool.
Cost Effective:
Now that you have decided to create a new piece of marketing material for your business you might worry about the cost. Well, brochures can be incredibly cost effective especially when ordered in bulk quantities. With larger quantities there is normally a lower price per unit which is always a win especially for those businesses with tight marketing budgets. Given advertising space in print media can be very costly, having your own brochure can give you the opportunity to project yourself over and above your competitors.
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